Systems and components

Systems and components

We offer extensive experience in nearly every sector of plant engineering…

  • consulting and planning
  • calculation and engineering
  • expediting and procurement
  • scheduling and installation
  • commissioning and documentation

Our technical expertise extends to the following components and systems:

  • pipework for steam/water cycle (HP, MP, LP)
  • balance of plant (BoP)
  • supply air and gas preheaters
  • mounting, steel construction and pipe bridges
  • apparatus and heat exchangers (pre-heater, recuperator, fittings)
  • steam generators and boilers
  • combustion grates
  • valves

Convince yourself of our performance:

  • Our highly qualified engineering team, specializing in pipeline construction, steel and mounting engineering as well as process technology, offers a high level of professional expertise, years of experience and is working with state of the art computer assisted tools.
  • Our installation team is averaging about 200.000 to 250.000 work hours per year and will aid you in all installation and logistics related undertakings.
  • Our welders process all common metallic materials (non-alloy steel, fine grain structural steel, high-temperature resistant materials, austenitic and duplex steel as well as nickel based alloys).
  • Our welding experts will advise you in all welding related issues or act as a consultant for you.
  • Our project management will handle everything from small services to even the most complex large-scale projects.
  • Our quality control is based on:
- the quality norm DIN ISO 9001:2008,

    - the environmental norm DIN ISO 14001:2009,
- the Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC) (2006)

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