New contract from VEO for ETABO team East

New contract from VEO for ETABO team East

On 27th january ETABO received the order from Vulkan Energiewirtschaft Oderbrücke GmbH (VEO), Eisenhüttenstadt for implementation of a water steam circle for power plant block 8.

The contract contains the engineering (process technology, pipelines), delivery and installation of the pipelines, fittings, brackets, heat exchanger and pumps as well as testing, documentation and support for the customer during the procedural commissioning of the plant. ETABO provides, under responsibility of the ETABO engineering team in Bochum, the engineering of the live steam lines between the boiler and the two steam turbines. Insulation and scaffolding are executed by the customer.

The installation begins in september 2020 and lasts for 12 months, subsequently the rinse, blow out, commissioning and trial operation will be made. Technical acceptance is scheduled for june 2022.

The scope for the whole measure amounts to 11,9 Mio. EURO and will be carried out by our team in Berlin.


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