School´s out for ETABO apprentices

School´s out for ETABO apprentices

It´s done. Etabo´s four apprentices finished their schoolyear with record good results. Christina Tsagkoudis und Shawny Liang closed their first year with grade 1,1 and 1,4. Marius Müller closed the second year with grade 1,3. Steffen Schenk has finished his apprenticeships in abbreviated time with exceptionally good grades. All four qualified for a bonus up to 1.5 monthly wages as agreed upon between management and works council in an internal formal agreement.

Steffen Schenk, as ETABO´s fourth consecutive apprentice, will start extra occupational academic studies in mechanical engineering at the Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola on 01.09.2019. This way, he will stay part of ETABO and get the chance to collect practical experience beside the academic knowledge.

“Shortage of specialists can only be opposed by intense educational programs”, responsible instructor Klaus-Peter Rupinski and Nicolas Korte agree upon. “In order to fulfill the primary objective of our apprenticeship, to make our apprentices even more hungry for another step of education, we have given them even more freedom in the last year to deal with whatever they are interested in and that payed off for all parties.”

Within the project ETABO 4.0 the company offers the possibility to it´s apprentices not only to work absolutely self-responsible on digitalization projects to drive development and shape the company´s future, but also hired external innovation coach Wolf Strotmann ( ) for one day per week to initiate new future projects.

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